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About ME4x4 Club
ME4x4 may not be the largest or most well known off-road club in the UAE but we specialise in enjoyable trips that provide both driving and logistics challenges.

Our club is intended to offer challenging drives that visit places that very few have gone to for our experienced members, whilst offering newcomers basic training in safely driving in the deserts of the Middle East. We understand that expatriate life in the Middle East can be transient and that new club members are both welcome and vital to the club's long term future.
A short  morning drive for all our New Members and the old alike. This is a Grade 1 drive and members with varying skill levels are welcome to join. The regular Club recovery gear is mandatory. The meeting point and other details will be sent by personal message by Thursday evening.
Departing from : United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : United Arab Emirates
10 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  1 seats remaining
Departs 07:00am Friday, Apr 28 
Yesterday · From dmahadeva
Its Golden Spade time again! This season seemed to have vanished just like that! Probably because we’ve been having drives and socials throughout. Just as The Phantom comics used to say, ‘For those who came in late..’; Golden Spade is the official season ending drive-cum-campout of the Club (althou…
Departing from : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
20 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  19 seats remaining (departure) ·  19 seats remaining (returning)
Departs 02:30pm Friday, May 05 / Returns 10:00am Saturday, May 06
5 days ago · From X_Man
Dear all as we have all experienced drivers interested in this drive, we shall drive in Area53/badayer.  This is not an easy area and hence keeping it for gr 2 only. 
Departing from : Hatta Road , Tawi Nizwa shops, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Hatta Road , United Arab Emirates
6 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  0 seats remaining
Departs 07:00am Saturday, Apr 22 
6 days ago · From Goodym
guys join me for an easy morning drive in shuwaib.  We shall meet @7 at the Indian restaurant 2km after Sky dive on al ain road.  Plan to bail out by 10:30ish
Departing from : Al ain, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Adnoc at Faqa, United Arab Emirates
6 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  2 seats remaining
Departs 07:00am Friday, Apr 14 
13.04.2017 · From Goodym
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