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About ME4x4 Club
ME4x4 may not be the largest or most well known off-road club in the UAE but we specialise in enjoyable trips that provide both driving and logistics challenges.

Our club is intended to offer challenging drives that visit places that very few have gone to for our experienced members, whilst offering newcomers basic training in safely driving in the deserts of the Middle East. We understand that expatriate life in the Middle East can be transient and that new club members are both welcome and vital to the club's long term future.
“Rub al Khali” is the largest Sand Dune Desert in the world covering Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and Abudhabi in UAE. Liwa, forms a small part of it and the plan is to cross the Liwa cresent. A two day drive across some of the most scenic and challenging terrain that UAE can offer. Not only will it b…
Departing from : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
8 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  1 seats remaining
Departs 05:00am Friday, Dec 09 
6 days ago · From X_Man
Off-road desert drive to celebrate the spirit of the season. It is a family/friends drive and organised for the cheer of the season and not for the challenge of the drivers. All Cars should be decorated with the X’Mas theme, the drivers & the passengers also should dress to the occasion. A sock …
Departing from : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Dubai, United Arab Emirates +971503490045
15 seats available ·  $0 per seat ·  13 seats remaining
Departs 07:30am Friday, Dec 23 
11 days ago · From X_Man
Mobile Apps for ME4x4 website

Just as most of the web pundits predicted, mobile browsing is overtaking desktop. Virtually all of it comes from native iOS and Android Apps. In an effort to closely knit our me4x4 members, we have launched app enabled website.

Today, we're happy to announce the launch of me4x4 app both for Android and iOS (Dolphin) (universal app). Both are v.1.7 now and both are available for download at iTunes and Google Play respectively. 

IOS (Iphone & Ipad)


  1. After installing, open the app
  2. Click on add a site
  3. type
  4. Once the site has been added, it will ask for your User name & Password, please enter your details, and enjoy using the app.

In case of any doubts, please give us a shout.

Public Events
price: AED1000
year: 2016
20.11.2016 added by smug