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ME4x4 may not be the largest or most well known off-road club in the UAE but we specialise in enjoyable trips that provide both driving and logistics challenges.

Our club is intended to offer challenging drives that visit places that very few have gone to for our experienced members, whilst offering newcomers basic training in safely driving in the deserts of the Middle East. We understand that expatriate life in the Middle East can be transient and that new club members are both welcome and vital to the club's long term future.
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A nice and relatively easy drive from the well known Indian Restaurant on the Al Ain Road (N24.865097, E055.556728) to Bab El Shams. The trip is about 48km or about 10km shorter if we decide to head straight for Al Qudra once we reach to the solar plant. It should take around 3 hours. Start at 8am a…
Departing from : Indian Restaurant on Al Ain Road just after Sky Dive Dubai, Margham , United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Bab El Shams, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 1806
Difficulty Grade : Grade 1 Trip 
6 seats available ·  2 seats remaining
Departs 08:00am Friday, Oct 27 
in 7 days · From Hanspeter
So, as has happened occasionally in the club’s history, this year, we’re having the September Shakedown in October! So, its going to be an October Onslaught! Although, we’ve had the most active summer ever (thanks to our enthusiastic members and trip organisers), October Onslaught marks the the ‘of…
Departing from : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Difficulty Grade : September Shakedown 
20 seats available ·  0 seats remaining
Departs 02:00pm Friday, Oct 06 / Returns 08:00am Saturday, Oct 07
13 days ago · From X_Man
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