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Pre- Trip 

1. Select your intended area and route. Study the ground on Google Earth/Mapsource/Base Camp etc and plot your route waypoints, escape routes/points and entry/exit points. 

2. Send a ‘Trip Register’ entry request to the Club’s Events Co-ordinator at least 5 days before (normally the Sunday before the Friday drive), listing the following: 

a. Name of Trip. 
b. Organiser’s name (you!). 
c. Trip date and expected start and finish times. 
d. Location of trip. 
e. Description/aim of trip. 
f. Allowed number of participants (not including you). 
g. Your email. 

3. Create a Mapsource/.gpx file for your plan and load it onto your GPS. (email it to those participating if you wish). 

4. A couple of days before the drive, send a PM to all participants giving them the following details: 

a. RV location. 
b. Timings. 
c. Intended plan/aim. 
d. Likely duration. 
e. What to bring: food/water, fuel, mandatory Club equipments, anything else relevant. 
f. Ask them to reply with their phone numbers (if you don’t already have them). 

Day of the Drive 

5. Take a printed nominal roll with the phone numbers of all those that have signed up. Arrive at the RV early. Once you meet the participants, do an equipment check. Call those that have not arrived on time to confirm they’re coming. 

6. Once everyone has arrived, brief them on the day’s plan: route to deflation point, drive route, stopping points, escape plan, exit point. Remind them about convoy drills, allocate convoy positions. Allocate a radio channel. Check if everyone has a radio and distribute spare radios if necessary/available. 

7. Head to the deflation point. Deflate, erect flags, check everyone is ready and knows their position. 

8. Do the drive. Deal with stucks, problems and emergencies as required. 

9. Reach the exit point. Re-inflate, remove flags, collect radios (if necessary) and check everyone knows the way home or whether you need to lead them to a known place. 

Post Drive 

10. Complete the ‘après’ report on the website!

Article by Mike

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