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In the desert, your vehicle is your lifeline. A broken down vehicle on the road is an inconvenience, but breaking down in the heart of the Empty Quarter is potentially life-threatening. Listed below are some basic checks that you should complete prior to leaving home. Whilst some breakdowns are unavoidable, a few moments spent performing these checks prior to departure might prevent a minor issue becoming far more serious!

Vehicle Exterior Under the Bonnet Recovery Equipment Navigation and Comms
  • Check condition of ALL tyres -including ALL spares.
  • Check that all lights are working as required by law.
  • Check oil level.
  • Check radiator coolant level.
  • Check brake and clutch fluid levels
  • Check battery levels
  • Make sure that you have the minimum basic recovery kit in the vehicle.
  • Check Mobile phone battery charge and available credit (if prepaid )
  • Check that you have appropriate maps and compass available.
  • Check that you have a working GPS (optional).
  • If using a battery powered GPS, make sure that you have sufficient working spare batteries for the unit.
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