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The expression Seven Ps refers to a British Miliary acronym praising the virtues of preparation prior to tackling any major task or action. It stands for:

Preparation and 

Safe desert travel does not come about because of good luck or good fortune. It is essential to plan and prepare in advance of any trip to the desert to minimise any risks involved. After a while, a lot of this becomes ingrained and experienced desert travellers have a 'set routine' that they follow to ensure that they don't miss a step.

The articles inside this section of the site are intended to provide preparation advice and guidance for travel in the desert. Whilst firmly aimed at the novice, hopefully the 'old hands' amongst you all might even find something of use here as well!

There are many facets of organising or participating in a desert trip that you should think about and plan for before even going anywhere near the desert. These include:

Where are we going?
How much fuel will we need?
What sort of terrain is going to be covered?
Who do we contact in an emergency?
Who else is taking part - do we need to consider any special factors for the other participants?
Have we prepared sufficient supplies (food and drink) for the trip? Do we have enough water?
Has my vehicle been properly prepared? Is it serviceable?
What are our exit options if things suddenly go seriously wrong>

There are many other factors that need considering, but a little forethought and with time personal experience gained, this soon becomes routine. However, it should never be taken for granted! A very good idea is to have a proper checklist of items to go through prior to leaving on any desert trip.

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