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Hanspeter is keen to do a Liwa this season. Its going to be all, a typical Liwa drive offers. The highest dunes you would ever drive in. Heart-in-mouth slip faces. And absolute serenity! Join in for a overnighter on the 11th and 12th of November with a day (or two) of camping. Pls note, meeting po…
Departing from : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Grade : Grade 2 Trip 
5 seats available ·  3 seats remaining
Departs 09:00am Friday, Nov 11 / Returns 03:00pm Saturday, Nov 12
21.10.2016 · From X_Man
Its September Shakedown time again! Time to dust out all your gear and get your vehicles in ship shape for yet another exciting season of sands and rocks in the UAE (& outside!). Time to explore, time for the outdoors and time for some thrills! The club’s September Shakedown marks the official …
Departing from : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : United Arab Emirates
20 seats available ·  7 seats remaining
Departs 02:30pm Friday, Sep 30 / Returns 11:00am Saturday, Oct 01
26.08.2016 · From X_Man