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As per our club tradition since 2001, this is supposed to be the the season opening drive, but as u all know that since the past few years our club has been very active even in the Summer, Traditionally this is also supposed to be a campout but there will be a convoy leaving late nite after dinner …
Departing from : RAK, United Arab Emirates
Arriving at : RAK, United Arab Emirates
Grade : Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 
22 seats available ·  3 seats remaining
Departs 02:30pm Friday, Sep 21 / Returns 09:00am Saturday, Sep 22
9 hours ago · From Arif
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Review for Trip Sweihan
General Feedback : Lovely Big Virgin Dunes.
Pros : Nice place for different grade trips.
Cons : Bit of a distance from Dubai.
01.01.2017 · From jeepler
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Petrol Pump next to Saqr Park RAK.(N 25 42.437, E 55 58.207). Meeting time 1500 . pls be on time.
Posted for Trip September Shakedown 2018
2 days ago · From Arif
Wish I could make it. RAK is a bit too far for me to drive over and back as I can't stay over night. Enjoy people, hope to join up this season for a drive or 2.
Posted for Trip September Shakedown 2018
4 days ago · From 4matic
its sal and qadah sand.
Posted for Trip September Shakedown 2018
03.09.2018 · From Arif
Is it wadi and desert or pure wadi drive.
Posted for Trip September Shakedown 2018
02.09.2018 · From rash28
Interesting location. And love the Pic ☺️
Posted for Trip September Shakedown 2018
02.09.2018 · From rash28
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