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This is a relatively easy drive with quite some distances driven on the flat but with a choppy set of lower dunes to start with.

We will meet at the Al Qudra Cycle Center parking lot and then head to Bab El Shams and enter the desert via an access road at that point. Deflation point is a few km on the access road. From there we will cross the first set of dunes, cross the Al Qudra cycle track, head south across some more dunes, pick up pace across the flats and then head more east and exit near Al Faqa. 

The trip is suitable for less experienced drivers. Drivers who were on the recent training drive are welcome. It will take around 4-5 hours for the 40+km depending on the number of vehicles.

Take enough water and a lunch snack for all occupants of your car.

Please fuel up in Dubai, there are no fuel stations once south of MBZ (311) until you reach Al Faqa.

You are expected to carry the customary equipment according to club guidelines.

More details will follow closer to the time of the drive.


Meeting and Deflation Point Map

Meeting and Deflation Point Map

Track Al Qudra Al Faqa 10 Feb 2017

Track Al Qudra Al Faqa 10 Feb 2017

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  •  Waseq: 
    Very nice drive and thoroughly enjoyable. It was nice to get back out after nearly 1.5 years. Thank you Hans for your endeavors. Hope to meet all again soon
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  •  Eldikp: 
    thank you Hanspeter for the great drive and nice meeting you all.
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  •  Hanspeter: 
    Dear All,

    Thanks to all for making todays drive a great one.
    From the meeting point we drove to deflation point, did our safety briefings and got organized.
    We were 14 cars all together so we split into 2 groups, 7 cars each.
    Thanks to Goody to lead one of the convoys and Sanjay and Roopesh for backing up and sweeping.
    I led the other convoy, backed up by Nazim and Ram was sweep. Thanks to both for the great support.

    Our convoy took off on the planned track but we had quickly a few refusals and even stucks. Igor experienced his first ever pop-out. Team spirit made short work of fixing this and we moved on.
    We made good time until we hit another soft area, causing a few additional stucks. All were shoveled, pushed or pulled free and things got moving again.
    We had a short break at point Baba4, had some snacks and water and got on the way again.
    The heading changed and we followed more the length of the dunes and we did enjoy some nice driving.
    One more flat spell and we started the last leg. The dunes were a little bit bigger here and the scenery was beautiful.
    We reached the first exit point on the road to Al Faqa ADNOC at around 1.20pm. That's were Igor and Waseq had to leave the convoy.
    The remaining 5 cars decided to tackle the famous "Roopesh Point", which everybody successfully crossed and enjoyed. Another 4km in the dunes and we reached another exit to the road to ADNOC Al Faqa, where 3 of us inflated. Pierre and Nazim inflated at the exit point. We met Goody's convoy at the fuel station. They had reached just shortly before and we found them in good spirits. We said goodby at the respective inflation points and promised to have another drive in the near future.

    I have uploaded the track gpx file of our convoy on the website. The 41km planned route has become approximately 70km driven, given the lines we took to go over or around the dunes.

    Super that we had another incident free drive and I think that everybody reached home safely.
    I hope that you all had a great day and see you in the sand again soon.
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  •  nsayed12: 
    Nazim sayed
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  •  Hanspeter: 
    Dear All,

    Friday is approaching fast and I wanted to update you with the latest information for our trip.
    The meeting point is confirmed to be the parking lot of the Al Qudra Cycle Shop.
    The coordinates are 24.850132, 55.344876 Google Map address
    Meeting time is Friday February 10 at 8.00 am.
    Please be on time since we will move as quickly as possible in a single convoy to deflation point near Bab Al Shams, about 12 km away. Coordinates N24.796542 E55.276034 .

    We will organise the convoy(s) at deflation point. We are 12 cars but we have a number of very experienced drivers including Marshalls with us, so we should be well taken care of.
    The trip will start as soon as we are ready after deflation. We will follow the route in the gpx file called "baba start to baba exit". The gpx file can be downloaded from this site under the "files" section.
    If you do not have a GPS you can upload the gpx file onto the Wikiloc App on your phone, or onto any other navigational App that you are used to.

    There is no fuel station in the vicinity of the meeting nor deflation point. So please come fueled up, the earliest you will be able to refuel is at the Al Faqa ADNOC service station at the end of the trip. The route is around 40 km following on a straight line from way point to way point. It is a relatively easy drive over dunes and flats. There are a few scenic points such as the Oryx feed stations, the tree house and, as Goody proposed, maybe Roopesh Point.

    Bail out time is around 13.00 to 14.00 hrs, so please bring enough water and food/snacks for all in your car.
    There is a coffee shop at the meeting point as well as a new food truck station called "Last Exit".

    Please come equipped with the mandatory/recommended recovery and safety gear. The minimum list can be found just below on this site.

    Please send me your mobile number, should we need to get in touch with each other.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all on Friday morning
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Hanspeter Dubai , United Arab Emirates
24.01.2017 (24.01.2017)
Departing from :
Dubai, Al Qudra Cycle Center, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Arriving at :
Al Faqa ADNOC Service Station, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
12 seats available
1 seats remaining
Departs 08:00am Friday, Feb 10
Contact Info
Mobile055 627 34 21