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As per our club tradition since 2001, this is supposed to be the the season opening drive, but as u all know that since the past few years our club has been very active even in the Summer,

Traditionally this is also supposed to be a campout but there will be a convoy leaving late nite after dinner as well as before dinner depending on groups choice. 

This is an easy drive however minimum recovery equipment is supposed to be carried on board.Pls familarise urself with the relevant threads attached.

Lets hope for yet another adventerous season ahead.

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  •  Arif: 
    Petrol Pump next to Saqr Park RAK.(N 25 42.437, E 55 58.207). Meeting time 1500 . pls be on time.
     2 days ago 
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  •  4matic: 
    Wish I could make it. RAK is a bit too far for me to drive over and back as I can't stay over night. Enjoy people, hope to join up this season for a drive or 2.
     4 days ago 
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  •  rash28: 
    Is it wadi and desert or pure wadi drive.
     02.09.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  rash28: 
    Interesting location. And love the Pic ☺️
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Arif DXB, United Arab Emirates
21.09.2018 (10 hours ago)
Departing from :
RAK, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Arriving at :
RAK, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
22 seats available
3 seats remaining
Departs 02:30pm Friday, Sep 21
Returns 09:00am Saturday, Sep 22
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