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Dear folks,    plan to go for a drive to Faqa this Friday.    Has been one of my favourite spots.    

Meeting point is on Al Ain Road, but not one of the petrol stations,   its an Indian Restaurant where truckies meet for a bite and so do we :-).      

Its about 45km from Ras Al Khor on Al Ain road, hence provide about 30 minutes to reach.   After you cross SkyDive, about 2.4km later you will see a fork leading to this restaurant.  

Coordinates are N24 51.90,   E55 33.40.    Reach as early as you want to to have your leisurely breakfast there.     I would like to leave from there at 7:15am for the entry/deflation point which is another 43km drive.    We will bail out by 10:30/11

Please top up your gas tanks either at EMARAT or EPPCO before reaching the Restaurant as we will not be crossing any petrol stations thereafter.

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Goodym Dubai, United Arab Emirates
05.08.2015 (05.08.2015)
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